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My main business is helping animals is a variety of ways

  • Zoopharmacognosy using nature to heal
  • Supporting Charities
  • Workshops
  • Aloe Vera Products
  • Pet and House Sitting




The process by which animals self-medicate, by selecting and using plants, soils, and insects to treat and prevent disease.


Animals have an innate ability to self-medicate, and in the wild would find the most appropriate medicinal plant compound to improve their well-being. By nature they are extremely sensitive and intuitive and would naturally select aromatic remedies to keep their well-being in balance, these remedies may include herbs, plants, barks, resins, clays etc.


This process of animals selecting their own medicinal remedies is called Zoopharmacognosy.



Animal Aromatics works with the principles of giving back to animals the medicinal non-food remedies that they would seek in the wild. At one time the land provided almost every pharmacological substance needed to self-medicate, now much of the land has been cultivated with remedies lost. This together with the fact that many animals are kept in captivity in urban areas or put to graze on fertilized fields is a very good reason to offer plant oils and extracts etc. that they no longer have access to.


Self-selection (Zoopharmacognosy) As Essential Oils and Aromatics are pure natural herbal remedies, mother nature’s answer to pharmaceutical drugs, animals are instinctively able to recognise the medicinal properties of the aromatics being offered and select the ones appropriate to their needs: emotionally, psychologically and physically.


Supporting Charities

Kryssie supports Animal rescues & Charities with donated products and services. She spent 3 years helping working Animals in Egypt, her own street clinic and sessions at a charity hospital for working Animals in Luxor gave her specific experience; helping injured & traumatised Horses & Donkeys using their instincts for Essentials oils.


You can host a talk or a workshop to raise funds and learn how to help your Animals with trauma and health issues naturally.



Workshops for small groups are a great opportunity to learn the easiest ways help your Animal to optimum health using their instincts for fodder, forage plants and essential oils.


Learn the basics, see a live demonstration and make a product for your Horse or Dog.



Aloe Vera Products

Since 1995 Kryssie has supplied custom made Aloe Vera, in Gels, Creams & Sprays.


Useful for Horses, Cattle and small Animals with any skin issues. She also makes Aloe products for people.


Pet and House Sitting

Kryssie has been home and pet sitting for more than 10 years. References available

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