Looking for a more natural approach to animal husbandry?

Want to learn how animals look after themselves?

Need to learn how to support animals fleeing trauma?


Kryssie Francis

If you are just starting to look at raw/natural  feeding for your animals health. If you are interested to learn about the abilities of their animals to self-medicate using plants & their oils instinctively.  Then you have come to the right place.


I like to

  • supply small samples of useful basic herbs/oils.
  • teach one to one on the net/phone/in person or by mail, I also run small workshops in Devon and Edinburgh
  • work with people travelling with animals in terms of disasters or illnesses they can treat themselves/prepare for before travel.


I am a mine of resource info, links and practical ideas and I want to help YOU  to want to learn more. I  want to help you to get you animal feeding right.


Have you ever wondered about what your animal is eating?


Interested in improving your animals health contact me today!


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